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After answering quite a few questions about Fitness Trackers, it is obvious that Medical Professionals seem to really be getting into Wearable Technology. Fit Bit is also getting lots of competition from The New Microsoft Fitness Health Band, among others. There are many features that make Fitness Trackers more enticing to consumers like the heart rate monitor.

For Georgetown Professor Rohit Bhargava it's something else. The Author and sought after Orator shared, in his newest book, what he called his only reason for finding his Fitness Tracker useful, the Idle Alert.

Receiving a vibrating sensation on the wrist can be effective in alerting us when we are inactive for at least 2 hours.

Rohit Bhargava is scheduled to speak at The Ad-Tech Summit, on May 20th, at 9a.m. I'm sure Bhargava will be highlighting the 15 Trends he created using his Haystack Method so that individuals and Management Teams can gain knowledge and increase productivity, by recognizing the non-obvious and practicing Mainstream Mindfulness.

At Best Buy, we will probably be getting lots of foot traffic from clients interested in upgrading or getting a firsthand look at the new Samsung Galaxy 6 Devices. When our clients are not upgrading their devices, they are refreshing the ones they already own.

The newest craze of available accessories that will likely wow Fit Bit Owners comes from French Bull. Rohit Bhargava wrote about how Brand Benevolence (1 of the 15 Trends) can help to create loyalty and also build popularity, changing the conumers perception of a brand.

Sound the bells and whistles because French Bull Wristband Covers are likely become just as popular as cell phone and tablet accessories. The colorful little accessories are designed to make our wrist look even more trendy. Do not hesitate! Stop by your local Best Buy and ask a Customer Service Specialist about French Bull Accessories.

A recent article in the Consumer Electronics Magazine revealed that "Fit Bit's goal is to empower people with information from their devices and motivated them through feedback" Rohit Bhargava may like the motivation he gets from the Idle Alert on his Fitness Tracker but he might also be a little Moe enthusiastic about his device if he tried one of French Bull's Wristband Covers.

Do you think French Bull could help Bhargava to show a little more amour (love) for his Fitness Band?

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