My interest in the Beauty Industry and beautification started at a young age. I watched my Daddy, who obtained his Barber's License in his early twenties, cut and style hair in his own Barbershop for years. What made it more special was the fact that he did the renovations, adding a spacious Barbershop onto the front of the home we lived in.

Christopher Dove and John Simpson have partnered with the makers of Revitalash (Athena Cometics Inc.) to not only advance the ReGenesis Hair System but to hep motivate and educate those who have an interest in the Cosmetology Field. Hair, Skin, and Nails and the products used to promote their health, growth and youth are what The Beauty Industry is all about.

Dove and Simpson have earned prestigious accolades both being honored with Hair Colorist Of The Year Awards. John Simpson a Hair Stylist who has been contributing to the industry for over 20 years "aims to encourage all stylist to reclaim their passion for the craft". The two were featured in Day Spa Magazine recently, elaborating on their partnership with Athena and the plans they have to continue to grow in the Beauty Industry.

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