Would You Work Out In Your Yezzy's?

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 12: Models walk the runway at the adidas Originals x Kanye West YEEZY SEASON 1 fashion show during New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 at Skylight Clarkson Sq on February 12, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for adidas)

Would you work out in your Yezzy Kicks? Shop Kick used their Facebook Page to remind everyone to make 2015 their personal best year, ending with the command; "Feel Good". Starting in January many of us get pumped about doing just that with our bodies, so we make resolutions and start going to the gym on a regular routine. Though we are a ways past the beginning of the year and maybe a little less motivated about our fitness routines, we can not let our efforts to stay active fall by the wayside.

I will admit, colder weather does make me want to stay in more and as a result of frigid temperatures, I usually go to the gym a lot less. Right now, I am in there at least twice a week, working it out. Leg presses and the Arc Trainer and bicycling are a few activities I actually like to complete. I am not so caught up in all of the fitness outfit crazes or consumed with Wearable Technology like Mizfits, Fitbits or SMS Biometric Earbuds. That does not stop the forecast predictions from making it into Whitepapers and onto Blogs. Predictions are just that until they happen within your circle of friends or associates. In fact, until they do, those forecast are just vague predictions, if we are to trust what seems to be a caveat in the new book written by Rohit Bhargava. Watch out for those vague predictions!  

Wearable Technology may be something you need if keeping track of every step you take and every calorie you burn is a must.  What I need more than something to remind me of how far I did not go ____ is: a good pair of comfortable sneakers, some type of pullover (hoodie), and lots of good music. All of those things will keep me jazzed and comfortable, as I work out.

DNA Footwear listed the New Balance 620 Running Low Top Sneaker as a popular brand for those at the starting lines (runners) while the January Issue of Competitor Magazine highlighted the New Balance Windblocker Jacket and it's heat retaining fabric as an ideal choice for those choosing to hit the trails during pre-dawn hours, or in the early evening darkness. I would choose comfortable workout clothing and sneakers that make we feel like I am walking on air over Wearable Technology. What about you?

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