Earth Day arrives every year and though it has already passed, we should be conscious of how we treat our environment all year long.

When I was working as a Beauty Advisor at Walgrens, I became more aware of how vital green effort are, after we changed our refrigeration to include energy efficient lighting. We extended on changes in design as new locations were constructed to include green roof tops. Businesses, Brand Manufacturers, and Automobile Manufacturers can affect the green effort on a larger level because they usually have more resources and are considered to be Opinion Leaders by community members. Businesses can use advertisements to support green lifestyles, employees can use word of mouth to support the green cause, Brand Manufacturers can use green packaging, and Car Manufacturers do more of what BMW is doing to this date, connecting consumers with energy efficient, premium vehicles and premium services like their Charge Now Stations.

BMW's x5 xDrive e40 Sports Activity Vehicle is the first plug in model release from BMW's core brand, to debut at the annual Auto Show in Shanghai. The Connected Drive Navigation System integrated inside of the vehicle is one of the highlights shared in the press release. The event took place earlier this month and proved to be an ideal time to introduce this hybrid plug in vehicle. The new x5 xDrive 40e Sports Activity Vehicle can travel 19 miles using only electric fuel economy but has a combined fuel economy of 83.1 mpg.

Though I believe more affluent members of our communities (especially Celebrities) should own at least one Energy Efficient Vehicle, our individual contributions, no matter how small, can make a difference.

Usually the best place to start is in our homes with light bulbs, plastic bottles and cans.

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