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Browsing Archive: April, 2015

Abornewords Special Feature: Walgreens And BMW Are All In On The Green Effort All Year Long

Posted by Nicole Kim on Sunday, April 26, 2015,

Earth Day arrives every year and though it has already passed, we should be conscious of how we treat our environment all year long.

When I was working as a Beauty Advisor at Walgrens, I became more aware of how vital green effort are, after we changed our refrigeration to include energy efficient lighting. We extended on changes in design as new locations were constructed to include green roof tops. Businesses, Brand Manufacturers, and Automobile Manufacturers can affect the green effort on a...

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Abornewords Retail: Rohit Bhargava To Speak At Ad-Tech (How We Connected Him To Fit Bit And French Bull Brands)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Sunday, April 12, 2015, In : Retail 

The Creative Writers who share and educate on Marketing Profs are going to love this post.

After answering quite a few questions about Fitness Trackers, it is obvious that Medical Professionals seem to really be getting into Wearable Technology. Fit Bit is also getting lots of competition from The New Microsoft Fitness Health Band, among others. There are many features that make Fitness Trackers more enticing to consumers like the heart rate monitor.

For Georgetown Professor Rohit...

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Abornewords Forbidden Fruit: Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey Was Criticized By Author Stephen Marche (He Appears On Video With Team Umizoomi)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Tuesday, April 7, 2015,

Photo Credit: Celebrity Parents Mag

Criticized by Author Stephen Marche, Chef Gordon Ramsey seems to be trying to improve his image using some very familiar Nickelodeon Characters known as Team Umizoomi. Watch this video and tell us if his appearance with these animated characters will help change the public perception on this Chef with an attitude.

Tag you're it!

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