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Browsing Archive: February, 2018

Aborneewords Movies: Maverick Movies Monday Dangerous Obsession

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, February 26, 2018, In : Movies 

Her Campus listed 5 Realistic Romance Movies (With Real Life Lessons).

Since I have discovered Maverick Movies and full episodes where people of color are really getting a chance to shine and offer some real life lessons too, I had to share with Abornewords Readers. Dangerous Obsession should be included in this list making it six. I love this movie because it goes from love and romance to obsession in no time. It admonishes and entertains while providing quite few lessons. If you are working...

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Abornewords Music: Reggie Bang Bang 90 Miles To Cuba Alike Dougie Fresh

Posted by Nicole Kim The Blogger on Saturday, February 3, 2018, In : Music 

Reggie Bang Bang has been known to give commentary concerning Rappers like Rick Ross, Meek Mill and more. The controversy surrounding their former jobs or and Street Cred have been in question for what seems like forever. The 90 Miles To Cuba Rapperhas also put out a pretty cool Public Service Announcement, calling on Radio Personality Rob Wayne to play more local Artist in New Orleans and the surrounding area. Check out 90 Miles To Cuba Below and compare it to the rhythm and sound of Oh My G...

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Nicole Kim

The Blogger Recognizing the talent and creativity of others while using the things I obsess about is what has been one of the driving forces of the creativity here at Abornewords. FF Men is our way of putting guys in the spotlight. Enjoy and Happy Anniversary!
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