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Abornewords Brevard County: Friends In My Head With Lebron As He Give Cocoa Beach Some Juice

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, August 18, 2017, In : Brevard County 
You have to see how Cocoa Beach Is Getting Some Juice!

Unlike my favorite Rapper Jay-Z, who can truly call Lebron James a friend, I can only call him as such in my head since our ties are only spiritual in nature. That is not stopping me from realizing that sometimes amazing things can happen that are just what we need, at some point in our life. That is just how I felt when I became aware of this new sneaker called Cocoa Beach that Superstar Lebron James released for children. In doing so, t...

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Abornewords Brevard County: Streaming, Library Cards, And What Brevard Libraries Are Doing To Collect Overdue Debt

Posted by Nicole Kim on Wednesday, September 2, 2015, In : Brevard County 

Today's very digital world is one filled with lots of resources and our Library Systems are changing to keep up with the pace, offering more ways for us to stay engaged with the entertainment we love. If you have not started using streaming sticks like Roku or the Fire Stick, you can probably stream your favorite content right as your local public library. All this technology can seem a little overwhelming and opting for a streaming service like I did may be a great place to start, if you are...

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Nicole Kim

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