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Abornewords Celebrities: Jay Z Past Lemonade With A Focus On Kalief Browder

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, October 7, 2016, In : Good News 

Credit: Hip-Hop Dx

Jay Z often reminds us in his music and also in many interviews that his life story has been a journey filled with sin, change, and lots of blessings. Most recently, we shared his opinionated vocals in a New York Times an Artistic Video and it is obvious that Jay Z is becoming more vocal about issues affecting Black Men who more often fall victim to police brutality and longer prison sentences than white males.

Rumors keep swirling about Jay Z responding to Beyonces's Lemonad...

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Abornewords Good News: Connecting Jay-Z Images With Song Lyrics From Calliope Var And A Message

Posted by Nicole Kim on Saturday, February 20, 2016, In : Good News 

Most people who consider themselves a part of Hip-Hop Culture can appreciate House Parties like the ones that took place in the House Party Movie, remember the high top fades that seem to grow like pinnochos nose. Parties have always been a way to connect people and music and the Block Parties were how the best DJ's brought crowds together to enjoy themselves, make love connections and the courtyards often mimcked the hippie scene of the 70's and everyone was just free drink, smoke green and ...

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Abornewords Forbidden Fruit: Man And His Dog Are Old News (Technical Backpacks Are His New Best Friend)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Tuesday, January 13, 2015, In : Retail 

Gone are the days when we only picture a man reclining with slippers and a dog at this feet. The new, modern man has things to do and dogs have some competition from a less animated friend, the Technical Backpack.

Choices are what you may call unlimited, considering what's on the market for the the taking but Targus and Swiss Gear styles rank high on the list of options. Before you head out to Best Buy and sort through the pickings, here are a few high profile guys who make carrying backpacks/...

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