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Abornewords Celebrities: Attention Marketers #BeRelevant Like Influencer's

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, March 14, 2016, In : Good News 

Is it true that "most of the marketing promotions....don't deliver anything of interest" The failure, according to information contained in the March Issue of Website Magazine, is the result of self sabotage because data is not used properly. For Marketers, the approach may be all about data and analytics but for influencers like Xilla Valentine whose interviewing Celebrities, Blogging, and doing stand up, its about performance and knowing what to do to stay connected to his fanbase.

Here is a...

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Abornewords Good News: BloG Xilla Is So Brand New With His New Site Launch

Posted by Nicole Kim on Thursday, January 28, 2016, In : Good News 

Okay so we have been having some technical difficulties and it took Blog Xilla to help break some of our unfortunate bad technical luck. I'm so pleased to be sharing again I almost want to go off topic but I won't. I can't because I absolutely feel like it is high time for me to share Blog Xilla, The Almighty or dare I say Xilla Valentine. His new website can be found at The site is a relaunch of what use to be with the same healthy mix of laughter, cr...

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Abornewords Forbidden Fruit: Our Testosterone Share Includes The Almighty Blog Xilla and a Tasty Recipe

Posted by Nicole Kim on Saturday, August 22, 2015, In : Retail 

Abornewords Readers have probably figured out that I have a special place reserved in my heart and on Abornewords for Blog Xilla; he is the Almighty, when it comes to his outspoken attitude and all around charming way of engaging Celebrities. It is high time that Abornewords added some Xilla Testosterone to our FF Men Section using a Blog Xilla Interview with Oscar Winner Common.

To soften you in all the right places and hopefully hit your sweet spot, like Xilla hits mine, we are including thi...

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Abornewords Forbidden Fruit: BlogXilla Fashion Is Smart Marketing And A Slick Mesaege

Posted by Nicole Kim on Sunday, June 16, 2013, In : Forbidden Fruit 

Women and guys alike appreciate BlogXilla's G-Code shares on love and relationships. His blunt responses are sometimes just what we need to hear, in order to gain a deeper understanding on issues that challenge the harmony of our relationships. If you are missing BlogXilla's (Married 2 The Blog) Entries, he is not gone, he just may be a little bit busier these days building his Cult Life Empire or focusing on getting fashion nods. Look at BlogXilla in his Cult Life Snapback and his Nasty Tee...

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Nicole Kim

The Blogger Recognizing the talent and creativity of others while using the things I obsess about is what has been one of the driving forces of the creativity here at Abornewords. FF Men is our way of putting guys in the spotlight. Enjoy and Happy Anniversary!
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