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Abornewords Healthcare: How To Become A Physician Assistant (Omar Abdul-Malik)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Saturday, July 21, 2018, In : HalalMarket 

Learning to apply the knowledge we gain as we are on our individual journey's is vital. Knowing is never enough. We make what we learn practical through application, communicating it, using it. In the video Omar makes this point very clear by sharing information on a number of courses he has taken and how going to Nursing School and doing the clinicals made what he learned more practical. His journey is proof of an Oprah quote, "Do what you have to do, till you can do what you want to do". Me...

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Abornewords Brands: Proctor And Gamble Racism Commercial Is Really About Creating Awareness

Posted by Nicole Kim on Saturday, July 14, 2018, In : Brands 

Having what is called "The Talk" in the Black Community is either to create awareness about what can happen to you if you are black, to educate you about social behavior which can save your life, or to help you understand that the Black Experience is different in the world. It does not matter how we talk to our children about expectations and how they are seen and positioned in the workforce and during social interactions. We are responsible for making sure that contributions are made and tha...

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