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Abornewords Health: Netflix Documentary On Adderall Is Brainful Media

April 6, 2018

Lawmakers are creating dialogue around the topic of opioid use but adderal has long been a controversial topic for those who believe it dangerous for children and unnecessary for those who may have been misdiagnosed. Rohit Bhargara seems to believe that indulging in brainful media like documentaries can help us to become more mindful and also help us to curate ideas and predict the future. The Professor and Author is always gathering information and writing. Not sure, where he stands on the adderal debate but I am sure he would call this Documentary Brainful Media.  That's all.  Kudos...


Abornewords Healthcare: Blink Health Will Not Help You Avoid The Late Enrollment Penality

March 21, 2018

Let's face it, being sick is expensive and with the rising cost of Healthcare Plans which increased about 40% across the board this past season, finding ways to save on cost will certainly help us all to keep money in the bank. Dr. humor on the Sermo website made me consider what the green monster in the room for me is and I determined as an Insurance Agent, having to tell clients that a medication is not covered was it for me.

Hearing that would be scary for me so I know it is even more con...

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