About Nicole Kim Phillips 

There is power in words!  Knowing this made it impossible for me to keep living and existing in a box feeling as if I had no voice.  Therefore, I took my power back and in 2007, I began anew with a mission to use words and my love for people and products to speak through Abornewords, a Blogging Platform created to create brand awareness.  Video, audio and photos are also tools I use as I create and share content in the digital space on various platforms, keeping the masses informed and entertained.  There are conversations happening every minute of everyday and writing allows me to be included in them, connecting me to people across the globe.  

Highlights on school and career:

Attended a Community College, name was placed in a national Talent Roster for outstanding Undergraduate Students, had first College experience at age 25 attending Louisiana Technical College (Sidney N. Collier Campus), Became a Licensed Health Agent in  2015, has a diverse employment background including Healthcare, Retail, Sales, and Clerical Experience, creatively inspired to create informative content in the digital space, values using written language to communicate, believes in leading by example

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