Leah Vernon is so animated in this beauty tutorial video.

Being consistent is something that Leah Vernon does best. Working online requires consistency and it is easy to fall off as life happens. Let's face it sometimes we get busy, finances change and our ability to keep up with our agenda does not always happen like we plan. What I appreciate is, Leah's ability to drive her body positive message home in all that she does. Even when she has her bad days, she owns it and keeps pushing. Sometimes her candid statements are a bit much for me and I have to gasp.  Still, I keep reading and if she is anything like me, she will not stop writing. Cindy Maynard, the Health and Medical Writer, may deliver her body positive message a little differently, but her message confirms what Leah Vernon is trying to express through imagery and Blogging. Here is an excerpt from and article written by Maynard on Healthyplace which really keeps on giving.

A healthy body image occurs when a person's feelings about his/her body is positive, confident and self caring. This image is necessary to care for the body, find outlets for self-expression, develop confidence in one's physical abilities and feel comfortable with who you are.

After reading that and seeing how happy Leah is in her Beauty Ad, I am convinced, a positive perspective about our changing bodies can help us to share and be a lot more understanding. We need less fat shaming and more beauty preening. That's all. Kudos..