While there are may products I have yet to share with Abornewords Readers, right now I am pleased to be buzzing about Vita Liberata Body Blur. I received a full size product in Latte Dark as a Poshly Prize. Love those opportunities! It came in the usual white package, sealed secure and everything. However, when I opened it, the tube felt like I had already shared it with my Sister. It was squeezable and did not seem full. Still I was eager to try it but realized pretty quickly, the applicator included with my Body Blur was to large to be useful on the tic tac toe scars on my legs and arms. First I thought Q-tip. Then I realized the wooden sticks I had laying around from the incense I burn in my room for aroma therapy would work for applying Body Blur to my tiny dotted scars. The mocha or maybe a darker shade would have been better for me because my spots become really dark once I heal because I pick them off a few times before I heal for good. Nervous habit but oh well. Applying Body Blur to every scar I have is something I will not do everyday because it adds at least another 30 minutes to my Beauty Routine. I have to work everyday and it would not be practical for me since my makeup routine is 5-15 minutes most days. I keep it very simple and that works for me. As long as my scars are not open, the spots are just something that happens after healing so what!. Then, I still have the option to smooth out my look by buying pantyhose. Now, I do appreciate being able to blur the dark spots. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to try this new product. Yet, I also feel blessed to be able to use my limbs everyday for exercise and other activities of daily living.