Ever wondered about Nice Gunz Reason his song entitled She A Savage? Could he have been strategically speaking to Lady Dahlia and giving her props at the same time? Well Geedy P. is the brains behind the promotion strategy for most of what Social Media is being shared for New Orleans Rapper Nice Gunz so even though he has not spilled the beans, it must be okay to assume right? Street Dreamz Muzik just might be onto something. Remember this video from Lady Dahlia?

I'm always on some throwback music because like Rapper Jay-Z said once in an interview, music is timeless. Lady Dahlia has been doing so much to get her music and she often raps, shouts out or shares the tag line Musical Geniuses on her Instagram Page in videos and the music she makes. She just may be onto something too and I think Nice Gunz may be getting on board with the Raptress since he released a song called She A Savage on his last mixtape, Triggerz Got No Heart 2 and It's a pretty cool song. You can check it out for yourself below.

In the video, her brows are fully gorgeous, but they always kind of are.  Besides creating her own lane and working hard to get music out to her fans, she is very particular about her brows. They are noticeable no matter how she wears her makeup. Her eyebrows are always looking pretty perfect.

Find own brow perfect and you to can be a savage.