Nothing can cheat you out of an experience or prevent you from sharing something inspiring. Since there are always miraculous things at work unseen. I know this to be true based on my own experiences, revelations and blessings.

While the media is hard at work detailing Beyonce's caption tribute to Kim Porter, the now deceased Mother of his children, there are more "Beautiful Things Than Beyonce" and her caption "Heaven Could not wait" No disrespect to Kim Porter; may she rest in peace. Still, my responsibility as a Blogger is to inform and entertain so sharing Morgan Parker's Book of poetry and how smart it is to use Beyonce's name in the title is something I could not let go unnoticed. An excerpt featured on the Book Page Website inspired me to share this post. Read below for an excerpt from a title in the book called Afro by Morgan Parker

I’m hiding secrets and weapons in there: buttermilk pancake cardboard, boxes of purple juice, a magic word our Auntie Angela spoke into her fist & released into hot black evening like gunpowder or a Kool, 40 yards of cheap wax prints, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, a Zulu folktale warning against hunters drunk on Polo shirts and Jägermeister, blueprints for building ergonomically perfect dancers & athletes, the chords to what would have been Michael’s next song, a mule stuffed with diamonds & gold, Miss Holiday’s vocal chords, the jokes Dave Chapelle’s been crafting off-the-grid, sex & brown liquor intended for distribution at Sunday Schools in white suburbs, or in other words exactly what a white glove might expect to find taped to my leg & swallowed down my gullet & locked in my trunk & fogging my dirty mind & glowing like treasure in my autopsy <br>Excerpted from the poetry collection There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyoncé published by Tin House Books. © 2017 Morgan Parker.

The words read like a good gumbo in all the descriptive language, taking the mind to many places all at once. It's a rush and one you won't get from looking at the cover of the book. (Laughs) Search at your own risk. Morgan Parkers book of poetry was not as highly reported as you would expect a book with Beyonce's name on the front cover to be. I never saw the news of it's existence on many of the Hip Hop Websites I frequent. I would expect it to be there since there is often so much criticism and talk about Rap Lyrics not being poetry. Seeing it in the Entertainment Section would have certainly been a pleasant contrast to the OTRII news, Phoni Braxton or the infamous bite planted on Beyonce's face by a Celebrity who just so happened to be mentioned in Jay-Z's song called Lucifer.

Poetry is a great art form one celebrating language and expression often unspoken. Call it old news if you already knew about Morgan Parker's book of poetry. Abornewords Readers need to know about this book since so do Beyonce Fans, especially the ones who are in love with Jay-Z. This may at least feel like a win for those who are not blessed enough to be the main woman and Jay-Z's right hand. If no more than to elevate her fame, the books existence is also a win for Beyonce. All I know is, it made me think hard about the reason for their Son's Sir name and I wonder if there is more to his name and this book of poetry than what is obvious on the surface. Still wondering? What is beautiful to you? That's all. Kudos...