Aretha Franklin: To Talk About The Dead and The Freeway Of Love Song To talk about the dead is not something I make habit of doing on Abornewords. However, losing Aretha Franklin has called me to the table for a Rest In Peace nod, like no other, all glamoured up in words. Some time ago, I attended a Mary Kay Event and before getting mini makeovers, attendees were warmed up to the sounds of Aretha Franklin singing Pink Cadillac. We enjoyed ourselves and did our two steps and a few other moves to the music and all was well in the world. We had a chance to learn about the Mary Kay Culture and about the reputation of some Consultants who had earned the honor of winning themselves a Pink Cadillac, as a result of their productivity in sales. It’s pretty cool how they connected their brand to that legendary song and Aretha Franklin. The music was a great segway into the Mary Kay Culture. While Aretha Franklin and her glamour girl persona will be missed, she left songs like Freeway Of Love with us so that we will never forget why she is known as The Queen Of Soul. Rest In Peace