It is not clear if opporunity or financial pressures or maybe a combination of both, led to the crimes of fraud committed by Doctor Jayam Iyer. In a press release issued by the Department of Justice, writing illegal prescriptions and the questionable billing practices resulted in an investigation, leading up to the loss of her Medical License earlier this month. The Florida Doctor agreed to pay back over 51,000, after pleading guilty to Healthcare Fraud. The Pain Management Clinic called Creative Medical Center is where she documented phony office visits and took notes from family and friends of established patients. writing prescriptions for controlled substances like oxycodone without conducting the required office visits or making the proper evaluations.

As a result, she violated her agreement with Medicare and Medicaid Services. She should have conducted office visits with the actual patient(s) before prescribing controlled substances like oxycodone and also provided truthful statements about patient evaluations. It was her duty as an approved Medicare Provider. Now, the former Doctor is not only facing prison time and financial penalties but she has to find a way to rebuild her life and career. She is permanently excluded from partipation in Medicare and Medicaid Programs. It's safe to say her name will be placed on the Exclusion List.

In Florida in particular, 2016 MFCU Statistical Data listed stats of the 664 investigations undertaken, 606 were fraud related, 58 were documented as abuse/neglect investigations. Only 78 indictments were issued, resulting in 41 convictions for fraud and 10 for abuse/neglect. Total finacial recoveries amounted in over 165 million dollars. That stats are proof, all investigations do not lead to indictments. Of those that do, there are still those who fall by the way side, escaping any prosecution. That's all. Kudos...

Source: United States Department Of Justice