Claim: God can make room for us when people and life circumstances seem to be shutting us out

Proof in Scripture: Genesis 26 teaches that Abrahams obedience to God's laws and commandments resulted in Issac being blessed; he sowed in the land of Gerar and reaped and became properous, but because of the jealousy of the Philistines he was forced to leave from amoung them.  The Philistines had stopped up all the wells, and everytime Issac and his servants dug a well they met strife from the heardsman of Gerar and quarreled over the well water, so Issac and his servants kept moving and digging until his servants found well water and did not have to quarrel.  Then Issac felt like God had made room for him and his servants.

Personal Reflection: The above reflection was not written to change the wording of biblical scripture.  The reflection on Genesis 26 was written to share the lesson I learned from reading it in hopes to help someone who may be experiencing a difficult time