I am a woman of faith,

because I was raised as a believer,

I fell for a deceiver, when something miraculous occurred beyond my control,

I found my voice and began to tell my story,

then, my words finally got their glory,
paving the way for my love interest to be more open, and others too,

with words unleashed, there was only one thing to do,

I claimed my position and became sought after,

opportunity grabbed ahold like Casper, with open arms, I embraced criticism, toiling for a better life,

some comforts were provided, some control knifed,

opening my eyes to unwanted kisses,

the stalker was winning a battle unforgiven,

then my warrior entered to save me,

with questions, and strokes my body could enjoy,

drinking, like a medicine, deprived me of my reality,

what I longed for was normalcy and clarity,

the morning after, I wondered, if I was with child,

until the blood came down,

disappointment will not win,

it is time to try again

Watch me recite it on video.