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A Handsome Man | Original Poetry by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Posted by Nicole Kim on Thursday, April 25, 2024, In : Poetry 

He qualifies as a King, when I look at him I recognize ting,

My instincts motivate me to a stir, cooking for him could win me his heart,

Or at least a seat at his table, he's royal so I can do without labels,

I see a friend full of agression, should I let him in not worrying about first impressions?

My worth plus his is a match, tailor-made for an interesting future,

I wonder what will happen, no matter he is just beautiful,

I'm startled by another sound, it is wedding bells surprise,

He just...

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Love Exist After Violation | Original Poetry by Nicole Kim Phillips

Posted by Nicole Kim on Thursday, December 28, 2023, In : Poetry 

I am a woman of faith,

because I was raised as a believer,

I fell for a deceiver, when something miraculous occurred beyond my control,

I found my voice and began to tell my story,

then, my words finally got their glory,
paving the way for my love interest to be more open, and others too,

with words unleashed, there was only one thing to do,

I claimed my position and became sought after,

opportunity grabbed ahold like Casper, with open arms, I embraced criticism, toiling for a better life,


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Chaos Questioning The Immature | Original Poetry By Nicole Kim Phillips

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, November 17, 2023, In : Poetry 

The young guys tryna slap me around,
and I could take a lick but I deserve better,
high self-esteem says I wont settle,
for the makeup memories though I just might let 'em,
I can't hide I'm really catching ditto feelings,
I don't know if he can handle my hero dealings,
God is the only one that I pray to,
the only hell in my life is under my shoe,
I say stay away from me if you about that drama,
leave it at the door with your crazy baby mama,
if you date me bring a throw and we could Hulu Chill,
I got ...

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Words Nicole Wrote

Nicole Kim Phillips Nicole works to create Brand Awareness using Brand Advert Pages. She is the Author of a Children's Book entitled: "Visiting Granny In Mississippi", a story inspired by and based on Summer Visits to her Grandparents Home. Nicole writes Poetry and plans to release a Business Book entitled The Employee Companion in 2024 followed by a book of Poetry called Words Nicole Wrote. Expect to see her at Spoken Word Events in your city.