It's an interracial love affair between a French Photographer and a Radio Host. What a combination for love and slso a recipe for lots of drama and plenty of laughs. The woman snapping the pictures is Marion (played by actress Julie Delpy) while the Radio Personality serving as the host who not only captures audiences but her heart is Mingus (played by actor Chris Rock). I'm laughing already. Here is a shot of the two getting cozy in front of the TV screen for the cameras.

Looks like the perfect couple, but the challenges will come as the movie unfolds to welcome in lots of company. Family members arrive and things start to get complicated. Living with family is never easy, and playing host to them is even more difficult. The movie has it's share of those awkward moments in scene as the couple struggles to make sense of their lives while adjusting to the extra company in their household. The unexpected from family is one thing but when the party includes your In Laws, how does your coping mechanisms hold up against the grain? It will be interesting to see how Chris Rock keeps his cool and manages a relationship that may be based on sympathy instead of love. See if you agree. Click the star to watch a hilarious clip  to see how Chris Rock and Julie Delpy intertwine to bring the funny. This movie is going to do well in the United States!

2 Days In New York was also nominated as one of ten other films to recieve the Heineken Audience Award in the Feature Narrative Category. The official winners were announced on Satureday April 28". 2 Days In New York has been released Internationally and abroad and is scheduled to hit limited theaters in the United States this August. Film Festivals are where many of our favorite movies are shown before they ever make it to the theaters. There's nothing like a good flick to get you laughing and spending quality time with family. Can't wait for the U.S. debut? Abornewords is with you on that note.  Just watch the clip again.