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Abornewords Technology: The Shopping Experience Of The Future May Be As Easy As Bag And Go (Video)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, January 9, 2017, In : Technology 

The Shopping Experience of the future will be more and more about using technology to make our experience more efficient and convenient. Take a look at what we can expect.

If you were fascinated by self checkouts and a little irritated because they kind of take jobs away from hardworking cashiers who love interacting with people, then blame it on technology or just hope your employer will still need you once more Retailers and Department Stores begin to change with the times. That's all. Ku...

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Abornewords Health: Microsoft Health and Microsoft Band (Can The Jolly Good Fellow Of Google Tell You What To Wear)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Thursday, March 19, 2015, In : Health 

Photo Credit: Microsoft
Source: The Official Microsoft Blog

It's no secret that fitness focused devices are a trend that is proliferating just like  Mainstream Mindfulness which is one of the trends named by Professor Rohit Bhargava, in his newest book, detailing how to become a Trend Curator and predict the future. The way we think can affect our health.

There is really no convincing needed once we think about taking steps to improve our health. The hardest thing really becomes choosing the r...

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Abornewords Best Buy: Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores Has Samsung Phones For Zact Mobile Plans

Posted by Nicole Kim on Friday, March 13, 2015, In : Best Buy 

Photo Credit: Android Central

During the between years, life can be very challenging for the tweens in our lives. From their coy behavior to coping with success to craving popularity, to struggling for recognition, tweens have to overcome lots of social and developmental obstacles. mentioned many of those challenges and sited the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics and The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development as providers of the data, confirming information for you...

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Abornewords Technology: Mobile Connections With Consumers Is Proving To Be Efficient For Addressing Skincare Needs

Posted by Nicole Kim on Wednesday, March 4, 2015, In : Skin care 

Transitioning my skills in Sales and Customer Service from Beauty and into Technology at Best Buy has made me even more aware of the importance of offering an Omni Channel Experience. It is truly about being where the client is and not just at physical locations but in the digital space too. These days most consumers are staying connected to work, home, and entertainment by way of their mobile devices. Naturally, the logical move for businesses and brands is to connect and communicate with co...

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Abornewords Technology: Win You Plus One Tickets To The Technology Festival In Austin

Posted by Nicole Kim on Wednesday, February 18, 2015, In : Sweepstakes/Contest 

If you thought the Consumer Electronics Show was something special, with it's Car Technology like Ford Sync 3 innovation and Samsungs new Operating Stytem called Tizen which is capable of connecting to home appliances like vacuum cleaners and washer/dryers, then you have to see what The Technology Industry has to offer by entering for your chance to win a trip to attend the festivities taking place in Austin, Texas in March. You and a friend could win big!

Last year at The SXSW Festival a few...

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Abornewords Technology: Hope Or Melancholy In Superbowl Advertisements (Think Jaipur Technology For Some Mirth)

Posted by Nicole Kim on Thursday, February 5, 2015, In : Technology
Advertising At It's Best

I'll admit, I am not a big Football Fan! However, I do love to watch the guys compete and the creative commercials and Halftime Shows are really something to see, as well. This year some media outlets were reporting on the mood associated with the advertisements, saying they were full of melancholy. I do not know if I would totally agree with that since I found a bit of inspiration from one ad in particular. Even if talk of those feelings rubbed off on you, we want to ...

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Abornewords Best Buy: Best Buy Manager Meets Challenge While Green House Gas Emissions Takes Center Stage

Posted by Nicole Kim on Sunday, August 31, 2014, In : Best Buy 

Everywhere I look lately, I'm seeing buzz happening about Ford's 2015 Fusion + Hybrid Vehicle. Yes, I care about our environment too and feel a sense of happiness everytime I listen to someone express their own concern or see them put it into action by doing something to help contribute to making it better. I'm also proud to share the fact that my own Daddy participated in building Energy Efficient Cars when going green was not getting so much attention and at a time when it had not became a ...

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Abornewords Technology: Audio Fest Month At Best Buy Is Not The Reason You Should Read This!

Posted by Nicole Kim on Tuesday, August 26, 2014, In : Technology 

I know it's still Audio Fest Month at Best Buy, and we certainly want to encourage you to continue experiencing all the great products that we have to offer so that you can get technology and sound right. Except, now we are not talking Bose Headphones or Beats By Dre Portable Speakers. It is only right to encourage you to check out all the cool Home Theater Systems available in our Home Theater Section. Let me just say that Bose is providing the unexpected in Home Theater.

I'm actually thinkin...

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Abornewords Technology: Best Buy Offers So Much More Than Just Geek Squad Protection Plans Our Low Price Guarantee Is Something Else

Posted by Nicole Kim on Monday, August 4, 2014, In : Technology 

You will probably hear me tooting my Best Buy Horn quite a bit these days, boosting about how fabulous Geek Squad is and asking you, if you want to protect your product purchases with one of our Geek Squad Protection Plans. That's not because I get a commission or any compensation for writing this because I don't!

The plain truth of the matter is, I know first hand how great it feels to have protection when an unplanned event happens and something goes terribly wrong. With technology, it can ...

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Abornewords Technology: Wearable Technology, A New Way To Stay Connected

Posted by Nicole Kim on Sunday, July 27, 2014, In : Technology 

We would love to see your Wearable Technology. Upload your images directly to our Abornewords Facebook Page.

Photo Credit: Engadget, Instagram

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