Lisa Raye McCoy


You have probably seen her in the sitcom called All of Us where she played the role of Neese James, the baby mama full of drama from 2003-2007. It was a long running series that ended after a total of 88 episodes. Her role as partner and roommate to her ex, and mother to her young son, provided a nurturing environment for her child, and it was not the most traditional situation. However, it showed Americans how to at least put the welfare of children first when things go wrong within a relationship. By living with her ex, she gave her son the benefit of having a two parent home.

Lisa Raye McCoy didn't disappoint us then, and she is definitely keeping it real ten times more in her latest effort on screen called Single Ladies. Single ladies came after Lisa Raye the Real Mccoy, a reality show that gave us a peep into her life as a parent raising a teenage daughter. What I love about Lisa Raye is her unique look. She has the face of a model, attitude of a sould sista, and the style of a Hollywood Movie Star. The exaggerated facial features (that she wears so well) are not the result of plastic surgery, she is uniquely beautiful.  Almost every celebrity has a signature hairstyle, and the pulled back pony she wears is her most familiar and attractive look on screen and off.  Lisa Raye McCoy has graced the big screen and small screen so many times, and that's why when she's missing you are always anticipating a comeback.  

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