A Separation tackles the difficult topic facing many adult children who are faced with whether to assume the responsibility of caring for aging parents with debilitating diseases. Who will provide care? Nadar (played by Peyman Moaadi) and Simin (played by Leila Hatami) are struggling to decide whether caring for Nadar's father is more important than seeking a better life for their daughter outside of the country of Iran. Simin's own desire and concern for her daughter causes her to be persistent with her husband and she seeks a divorce. The court does not decide to grant a divorce and because of the laws, Simin is forced to leave her husband and daughter to move back home with her mother. In the absence of Simin, Nadar decides to hire a caretaker for his father. As a result, Nadar gets tangled in some legal issues and then he realizes how life as he once knew it will never be the same. A Separation is a drama of substance and uncertainty. As the wife deals with being separated from her family, how will the laws and unmet spousal obligations affect the lives of her husband and daughter? A Separation won Best Feature Film in the Asian Pacific Awards. Meet the leading man and the leading lady:


      Peyman Moaadi                                   Leila Hatami