By: Nicole K. Phillips

Like King, I want to express my victory over defeat, by living it as I achieve. My stride never changes because the mission is clear, so I just keep going

The American Dream is just over there, although, I can see it more clearly at times, It really just depends on where I'm standing to weather life's storms or where  I'm at enjoying the view of my sunshine

The breeze still feels the same, unless it turns to a heavy wind and it is on my back, then it helps me, by pushing me closer to my destiny

It is all defined by situation with the time, place, and available resources, In thinking, it is more mental than a mindful of thoughts

I don't have to keep checking the time or the score card, Somehow, I make it out ahead

Then, I aim higher just like King who saw progress as a stepping stone to more improvements, That's how his Dream stays alive and with us everyday

That's why I keep pushing to perform at higher levels, executing my knowledge and experience in real situations

Like King, I offer what I have to the world seeing a new day, before it even arrives, I see that next new Promised Land showing more unification, I'm getting up anticipating that I will be there in that time and space with you

An atonement is not necessary, the body has already been given up for our gain

Like King's non violent stance, the purification of this moment is marked by my sincerity and truth

As I stay connected to the things that have meaning, I will recall King and any other person, place, or thing that gives me inspiration, everything that is a part of you is also a part of me, we are one

I'm motivated by love for America, the world, and all people who, like King, just want to see a better day offering more peace and harmony

Martin Luther's vision will continue to expand on and off his birthday, I don't have to scream anymore or even talk for that matter, My words and actions are enough to identify my dream

Like King, I can deal with whatever!