Watch the video! It's that time of year again for the City of New Orleans! Party the Jazz Festival is all about the good times and all that's in between the music and food. Conversations with friends and colleagues that you have not seen in what seems like ages. Couples holding hands walking around drinking cool drinks and sharing their food experiences adds in the romance and community, everything you expect from an outdoor event. Everyone going in and then out of tents, as the day passes and songs keep playing through familiar melodies, you can't wait until the next day comes to relive the excitement. The melancholy only happens on the last day and once it's all said and done, you get ready to tell your stories to anyone who will listen.

If you have attended Jazz Fest before, you know____ it's just as much about the food, as it is about the music. One thing is for sure, mixing the two feels right, especially in a place like New Orleans.

For the local musicians, it's another chance to share their talent representing the heart of what the Big Easy has to offer. Though, the scene of Jazz Fest is filled with many of the locals, the star-studded line up just can not be ignored. Here are some recognizable names appearing this year.

  1. Bruce Springsteen
  2. Christina Aguilera
  3. The Wave
  4. Robin Thicke
  5. Rebirth Jazz Band
  6. Aaron Neville
  7. Rance Allen
  8. Charlie Wilson
  9. Chaka Khan
  10. Maze & Frankie Beverly
  11. Big Freedia
  12. Public Enemy
  13. Trey Songz