My Great Niece Jazz pictured with a friend & My Great Nephews

As a former Disney Employee, I had a chance to be a part of Walt Disney's Magic! The happy smiles somehow always happened when I made connections with Disney Characters, who are always ready to offer up the show many of us have grown to expect and love. No matter if you are remembering times from your childhood or the delightful smiles on your own children's faces, smiles will certainly happen when Disney Characters are spreading their magic, at Disney World.

Cinderella has gotten a lot of attention at the Box Office and even declared the movie as a Blueprint For Avoiding Abuse.

All women and girls want to feel special and that may be the most logical reason we connect with Cinderella, no matter who ends up transforming into a vision of loveliness and ultimately losing a shoe.

The game shown above is proof that The Frozen Snow Queen is as popular as she was when my 10 year old Great Niece decided to adorn her face with my make up and walk through my Granny's home singing Let It Go, preparing for a School Play. Games like this one were a big part of my family growing up. Instead of lots of time playing outside, in our urban neighborhood, we played games. Memory was one of those games too and The Disney Frozen Matching Game reminds me of how important family time can be.

In this day and age, the Digital experiences available on Nintendo DS Games and Playstation Consoles are becoming all to common. It is nice to see that Disney is creating opportunities for children and families to play and imagine using Traditional Family Games.

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