Advertisers need to be smart about where they place ads. On Demand Television is a big deal these days and Brands who decide to invest and advertise on live television on various networks are getting more for their bucks. The commercials just keep playing over and over as clients are binge watching their favorite shows. I know because as I watched Shots Fired the commercials just kept going and going. Social Media has changed the way we interact, stay in touch, and stay engaged with the brands, products and people we love, making the power of a good advertisement even more valuable. Apps like Cozi can keep you and your loved ones connected, informed and organized, if everyone participates. Mobile device usage is up and the more we interact on our devices, the more brands are realizing the value of connecting with us where we are. It called omnichannel solutions and for those of you who have not caught on, it may be time to refocus and get in where you fit in. The competition is real out here.

The Hippie Label

Dr. Pepper seems to know the power of a good ad campaign and they are using the Dating App called Tinder to advertise its People Label Campaign. It used the campaign to show off some pretty fun personalities that will likely make you think of Dr. Pepper a little different, when you reach into the beverage cooler at your local Convenience Store. The Hippie Label above is one of my favorites. Here are a few more pictures that from the campaign that may make you smile. Here are more photos from the campaign.

The Unicorn Label

The Lumberjack Label

.That's all. Kudos....

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