Memorable Monday's With Family & A Good Movie
Memorable Monday's With Family & A Good Movie by abornewordsnkp featuring wall art

Parents who favor the principles of Attachment Parenting may end up going to far, in their efforts to nurture, bond, and care for their children. The strong emotional ties that parents share with their children comes naturally for parents, especially mothers. The fact that William Sears coined the term Attachment Parenting to describe nurturing, bonding, and emotional ties seems a bit silly. Sears believed that the goal of (AP) is to increase development of a child's secure attachment.

Feeling secure is important but giving credence to ideas that all is lost if a child does not get enough of this attachment parenting early on, is just not realistic.
Working Mother Magazine featured Grammy Award Winner Alanis Morisette, a Celebrity Mom who is all for Attachment Parenting. Here's what she had to say on the subject:

When my son was born I committed to full blown attachment parenting. I breast fed ever past 2 when he weaned himself. But I was prepared to continue with it for a long time. I believe in following his lead, but I also try to keep him both free and safe at the same time. So I set boundaries around his safety in a loving way while tending to the wildness and freedom that come with being a young child"

Children are resilient, they adapt and they bounce back. Since children are also constantly learning and building intellect, they can also understand things better as they grow older.

Parents are responsible for providing their children with their basic needs. Food, shelter, clothing are the main part of those basic needs (Maslow).

When there are real issues with children and their parents, behavioral changes will be obvious. Then parents have time to start making realistic changes in the way interaction occurs in the family. Singer Alanis Morisette obviously believed that paying attention to your child is the key. Spending quality time with youngsters is always fun.

That's why on this Memorable Monday, we want to ask you to watch Over The Hedge with the rest of your family. Your youngster(s) will love it and you will too. Cute little animals are roaming all over the place, getting into all types of mischief. There will be plenty of lessons to learn and new things to talk about with your children, amid all of the action and fun.

If you decide to take our advice and see Over The Hedge, expect to get lots of laughs from the skunk (Wanda Skyes) and the raccoon (Bruce Willis). Remember, we should always strive to listen to our children at any age. We should also treat them well and each other. Empathizing can help us to treat each other better.