Does color really matter in the dating game? That is a touchy subject for more reasons than one, depending on who you ask and also their background. Guys are often the target of much of the backlash associated with Interracial Dating because of the way the media portrays the responses of black women to the idea of the Willis and Helen (The Jeffersons) match. Guys and females need to hear words like this if they are going to ever be able to just enjoy love.

Imagine hearing, you got your hat on baller, but do you have your dome to sewed up to accept the fact that love will happen for different reasons. When you are blindsided and overtaken by the emotions associated with it, you will understand that there is no one way for it to exist.

Something New
see it again and again

Dudes, when you are out there jeffing for your man (Bel Air), try to remember that two yolks become one when there is harmony and some benefit worth pursuing, if for nothing but the need for an ideal situation.

Sit down in the comfort of what love can really be, if you decide to let go of the notion that nagging is something different than complaining or griping. There is never complete harmony all the time. The real of togetherness will hit your situation, just as sure as there is a moon and a sun. Who says you can't get angry enough to use swear words? What's important is how you deal with the situation. How you resolve things. Never accepting the idea that things can not be worked out will help.

After hearing those words, would you feel differently about Interracial Dating, love, or your own approach when choosing a partner? Tell us what you think!

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