Blogging 101= Finding You

Thinking outside of the blog means having a voice before you get there. Great leaders, throughout the course of history, have found a way to share their voice and expertise with constituents. Call it charisma or whatever other name you choose. Martin Luther King Jr. did it and changed a nation! Finding your voice means you have, some type of ideological point of view, something to share that can possibly change a life. Your beliefs and what you stand for are, what it is made of, its layers.

In Angel's Laws of Blogging, the ConcreteLoop executive, calls this voice passion and says that in order to get to the essence of what your true topic is, you need to be able to angle it. Angel Laws believes once you reach this point, your readers and profits will reflect your success. That seems logical enough to warrant her word as law, like her last name. Taking that concept a little further will get you past the point of just providing beneficial content. Ultimately, you will find yourself. How? It is really simple. Assessment will have taken place. It is one of the vital steps in the Nursing Process. Medical Professionals use it to determine what approach will be used to help patients reach optimum levels of health. Nursing Professors drill this concept into the heads of their students to ensure that the skill can be applied effectively. Nursing Care Plans are built from this starting point. Thank goodness you do not have to be a medical professional or a patient to benefit from a thorough assessment. Assess yourself! It's about identifying what gets you motivated. The thing that makes you tick is what drives you to perform at your best. Identifying your ticker, and leaching onto it, is what will get you past beneficial content to your true self.

Sharing your beliefs and values will follow this new awareness of self. In Kouzes & Posner's Book, The Leadership Challenge, the writers seem to believe that once you have found your voice, the next step is getting people on board to share in your vision. Sharing in someone's vision means that you become engaged. That's where blogging comes in as a medium in both instances. Your voice is heard through your content and the platform is a way to encourage and receive engagement. How you measure engagement is up to you. Just be aware that your blog is the vessel between you and your audience.

Realize the importance of performing a self assessment. Doing so will help you move past creating beneficial content, to your true self. Then, sharing yourself will come naturally. That is what will ultimately get you the attention you deserve.