Vivid Entertainment conveniently named the Sex Tape created by the Reality TV Stars, Nikko & Mimi Scandal In Atlanta, leading everyone to believe that adversity would or more clearly should follow. Really, the choice to do so, directs the thoughts of the consumer, since it is very suggestive. A brilliant move is all I can call it, certainly the job of a true Salesman or Marketing Genius, on the promotion side. Creating the anticipation with words and adding in the visuals which have also been published, in bits and pieces,is just what needed to happen so that excitement would arise from the hype. It worked! We are all talking, as if we were already, and in the midst of our shower shock and acrobatic amazement, some of our mouths are still open, no doubt.

Fans and what seems to be foes are weighing in with endless stabs and some white towel support. One TI Fan shared her very lengthy 2 cents, ending with suggestive language that encourages Mimi to continue to (hold the rod) because that's all she has left.

That sounds as if she believes Mimi has lost something. I'm thinking right about now, after so much has happened, Mimi is nonchalant about the consequences. Here's what the TI fan said:

Oh... it generated talk alright... not in a good way. Everyone is asking if Mimi thought this through. In the age of technology that her daughter is growing up in... she knows that children can be cruel and that one day her daughter will find this footage or be shown it (most likely to disrespect her). Why do this to yourself. She kept calling her advisary explicit names... and now SHE HERSELF is living up to them. Yes, you were in a relationship with this man at the time, but why did you have to go and put your business (YOUR ENTIRE BUSINESS) on front street? You kept claiming that you had more class then Joseline, former stripper now "rapper". You are now on the same wavelength as her... if not worse. Mind you she claims to be the owner of a cleaning company... how can anyone take you seriously after this? Being on a reality tv show, I nearly wouldn't take you seriously, but after this (and seeing the commercial of Stevie wanting to get custody)... I just want to see how you are going to be able to tell a judge that you are taking the welfare of your child seriously? Continue to hang onto that shower pole (yep I seen it)... cause thats what you got left. She better hope the world forgets she ever made that tape.____Nancy Ce TOI Lamars

By the time I had finished reading this fans share, I was LOL (laughing out loud). It just hit my funny bone that hard. To find out how I weighed in, go to the Abornewords Facebook Page or visit theGrio Don't forget to tell us what you think in the comment section. Remember, our political system works efficiently because of our opposing agendas. Just try to be impartial. If you can't, tell us why.