Our favorite drama filled Reality Tv Show, Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta is back in full effect. It's not lacking any of the breathtaking drama that we have grown use to from the first season either. We are still gasping at all of the craziness. Although he shows Producers have added in a couple of extras, it doesn't distract our attention from our favorites.

We told you already that females would be taking sides and we were right. The drama between Mimi Faust and Joselyn Hernandez is as thick as ever. Check out how Mimi responded off camera to the petty name calling stunt thrown by Joseline on the show a couple of weeks ago! She called her Molly the Maid and look what Mimi did.

Yes she can respond like only a made woman. Now that is classier than a rich girls pirate tongue could ever be and more dangerous than throwing boxing match punches. Take that! We love it! The Reality TV Star is French Made Perfect. Mimi is going for it and winning without saying a word by showing off her boss lady status looking keep it clean good.

Mimi just moved into a new crib and hinted at sparks of a new romance when she was conversing with K. Michelle, the one who throws glitter, claiming she wants to be a voice for women. We can't wait to see what happens next. We are guessing that it's safe to say that Mimi is sort of telling Joseline Hernandez to drink bleach three times because their love triangle is on pause for the moment. It seems like Mimi has decided to give Joseline more than her turn. Take 9 turns and ten seats because Mimi Faust is busy doing other things.