Here is how I went from the Corner Store to Convenience From New Orleans To Florida.

Brian Hannasch, photographed in the back of a cube van in the parking lot of a Couche-Tard in Laval, Quebec Photo Credit: The Globe and Mail

New Orleans has a reputation for being one of the best travel destinations for Foodies. Why not, there is everything from red beans and rice to po-boy sandwiches and yaki-mein available for your tasting pleasure. Still, for many New Orleans natives, the corner store was always the place to go for snacks and even a good meat special. Though I moved from the city some years back, choosing to build a life in Florida, it will always be my home and a part of my background. What I have learned about Florida is, the Convenience Stores have taken the place of neighborhood corner stores so the Mom and Pop feelings have transferred to Convenience Store Shopping for me. These stores are becoming more than a place to fill up, their a place to recharge, refresh and refuel. Workers are coming in before work to get ready for long days purchasing 5 hour Energy Shots or refreshing and refueling with beverage purchases like energy drinks, Gatorade and Arizona Teas after working out. A new commercial for 5 hour Tea Shots captured my attention because brands seem to be pushing forward promotions to encourage purchases for new product launches. Check out the commercial that is putting 5 hour Energy Shots back in the spotlight again since Dierks Bentley, the guy who promoted using 5 Hour Energy Shots to stay energized on stage. According to a Convenience Store Shopper Research Profile released by Excentus, throughout 2018 the focus for most executives will be improving or implementing Loyalty Programs. That may be true but providing consumers with the products they need to refuel, recharge and refresh should also be a priority since innovation keeps brands in the spotlight.