In Insurance, taking control of calls does not have to be an abrasive process, even when our goal is to close calls effectively. In fact, Insurance Agents should make every interaction pleasant and unique. Since the call flow is designed to make the interaction all about using a thorough needs assessment to help identify an appropriate plan, the conversation should be friendly and empathetic. Call flows may vary depending on the interaction between the enrollee and The Insurance Agent, However, there are a few things that will help every Insurance Agent, if done right, reach the close from A to C with little friction just like Alec Baldwin’s character suggest in the movie Glengarry GlenRoss.
• Greeting
• Relating
• Listening
• Restating
• Positioning
• Closing

Last season during Training I was influenced by Katie P. who now works at Escape Room Entertainment. She helped to keep me motivated and confident about my abilities as I learned to interact effectively with enrollee who were calling in looking for help with enrollments into Health Plans. Katie came into the Training Room and wrote A B C in erasable marker on the whiteboard, speaking openly about how to get from A to C and ultimately close the deal. Katie suggested that we help clients call their spouse, if they said they needed to consult with them before deciding on the final enrollment. You may not believe this but it worked more times than not. What I did not know at the time was, Katie was using tactics that were shared in a famous movie. I guess it is safe to say, movies like Glengarry GlenRoss may help us to think a lot differently when we are trying to close the deal.

Last season was my first year getting appointed to work as a Health Agent. This year is round 2 and I’m feeling as if my career is finally moving in the right direction. A big thank you to all the great Trainers involved in the process. Watch Alec Baldwin speak on the ABC acronym and more here. That’s all. Kudos…