Changing a learned behavior that has really become habitual is not always easy to adjust. It's often difficult to break established patterns and even more problematic to implement new ones and start anew in change. Still, learning old habits burning in the dust can be done. I'll give you a few tips that help me in my own journey but first a little example to get you ready for a few easy steps. For example, say you were trying to stop drinking coffee. There are a few prerequisites that would help you through the process. Read on:

  • Tip 1- Consider the health risk and make a pros and cons list for quitting the behavior or continuing it (include expense if applicable)
  • Tip-2- Document the symptoms associated with your craving along with the times they happen
  • Tip 3- Document what you were doing before the carving started
  • Tip 4- Find an alternative activity or indulgence to participate in

Since we are talking coffee, I have to tell you about a couple of products from the Zero to Sexy Product Line. I purchased the Dark Bronzing Tanning Lotion in an 8 ounce size and received a 4 ounce size of Zero to Sexy Cafe Latte as a gift. Opening it is the first benefit, the aroma is hypnotizing! The experience is similar to the smell of a fresh pot of brewed coffee.

Smelling the sweet smell of this smooth cocoa colored tanning lotion will make you anxious to apply it all over. Your skin gets the next benefit, appearing more bronzed in tone after just one use with no orange aftermath to worry about. The extra special treat with Zero to Sexy is the aroma! Dull, colorless skin begone. There is finally something other than Red Carpet Kolour and Hard Candy Glow All the Way. Tell us what you are using to even out your skin tone and get bronzed right through Spring & Summer.

As an ex-smoker of 13 years, I can tell you that these steps worked for me. I actually gave a presentation in Speech Class using charts, graphs, and drawings to show off the pros and cons or quitting. Once I moved into sales, everything became more real. Speaking with consumers on their own journey, I realized that routine and having an alternative activity or product was more than necessary. If you are doing something other than making sure your skin is glowing, share your experience with us in the comment section.