There's so many positive options available to you in a beauty routine, for those times when you are feeling like a train wreck! Choosing the right beauty products or personal care items is not the only way to get to your point of rejuvenation. However, we will start with beauty because it is a part of what I do to everyday to ensure I'm feeling my best.

From all star Bronzers like Becca, Tarte or even a more affordable one like NYC's Sunny Bronzer, you can easily put on what appears to be natural looking coverage and look flawless. Foundations or blushes that make your cheeks glow can also help to get you primped and ready to meet life challenges with confidence. Fresh nails, a new pair of pantyhose or teeth whitening can freshen up your outer exterior too.

All I did in the above photo was wash my hair and put on some bronzer with an NYC Lipstick called Flirt, for which I spent $1. It does not take much, it's just about figuring out what your beauty routine should include.

Guys, you are not excluded from a beauty equation, just because you stand up when you go to the bathroom! A fresh haircut, a clean shave, ear hair trim, back waxes, a good pair of boxer briefs and a little concealer can help feel your best. Not into concealers because you don't have dark circles around your eyes, then try a new cologne and some happy socks or something.

Yes, I went there to include guys because sometimes men think they get a pass but I will tell your that there is nothing more pleasant than looking a well groomed man who walks past you and leaves a lingering scent of good smelling cologne.

Remember, your well being is important to us here at Abornewords. At Best Buy we believe in "Igniting The Possible"! Proper execution of our strategy to provide the best customer experience and while unleashing the power of our people means starting with a few basic things. Being energized, focused, and dedicated is what helps us to accomplish things effectively. in the workplace.

That means, we have to feel our best in order to unleash the power of our people. If you are feeling insecure or bad about yourself, you won't be able to help anyone else succeed.

Figuring out how your beauty routine/daily routine can help you feel your best is key. What are you doing to feel your best each and everyday? Again, all it took for me was a good hair washing and a simple beauty routine to help me feel my best.  Naming my new hairstyle Spaceship with alien visitors is like icing on a cake. Happy? Just in case you are wondering how the little aliens on the other side of my head look, here is a pic providing a different view below.

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