Being a mom can be challenging, even for the seasoned mom who thinks she has mastered an error proof method for dealing with things like, tantrums, uncontrolled outburst and just plain disobedience.

Mothers often go through things right along with their kids, as they are going through their cycles of endless changes, on journies to some rite of passage.

For working women, the challenge to balance work and home life is an everyday part of life. It's like getting dressed, you can almost do it with your eyes closed because the routine is so familiar. Wearing the Mom Hat can be similar or very different than wearing the Professional Hat, often leaving mom feeling more competent in one or the other, depending on the what day it is and what steers off course from normal and tolerable and onto the plain of inappropriate and dysfunctional.

Jenn Falik is the same Beauty Expert that introduced CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) Beauty Insider Award Winners, on The Today Show, after this years ceremony. We paid attention last month, when the Style and Beauty Expert shared her confusion, fears, and mom challenges on her Blog, in a post entitled "Three Things That Confuse Me About Being A Mom". Sharing this with you took a while because I had to make sure that I got it just right and that the timing was perfect. Now that I'm sure it's the right time to use her confusion and frustration, to create informative and entertaining content, directing your attention to products that I think will change how you approach style, I am excited to really try to engage you and introduce some super cool products, in the process.

I know the suspense may be killing you right now, making you feel anxious as to what I am on the verge of sharing, so I will try to get on with it rather quickly. Before I do, let me just state that right now I am a little confused myself. Unlike Jenn Falik, the source of my confusion is rooted in something other than the woes of mommyhood.

The source of my confusion is of my own doing and has to do with the reason this particular post caught my creative eye of attention. Slowly but surely, you will understand what I'm hoping will be something that is inspirational enough to involve you in my creative process. Now for more on my confusion and what made me jump at the chance to share a little of Jenn Faliks confusion too.

It may be easy for you to think that Jenn Falik's cute Mommy Photo with her puckering up to the pursing lips of her daughter is adoring enough to warrant a feature on Abornewords. It wasn't her Mommy Bonding that did it for me though. The boots are what kind of clued me in that I might be onto something here. That was only after I had been skimming though a copy of Western Horseman Magazine, reading about a Father who was teaching his daughter to ride a palomino gelding named Tucker and reading a few Justin Boots Salutes about great competitors in riding competitions. Falik had shared the frustration and confusion she experienced, when her daughter wanted to wear leggings, Cowgirl Boots, and a sweatshirt while temperatures were ranging at the 75 degree mark.

The fact that I was born and raised in Louisiana (The Boot Shaped State) did influence me too. Though I don't live there now, it is still a place I love because such a large part of my life happened right in the city New Orleans. Now you see the source of my creative confusion, dealing with all the underlying factors of why I had to share Jenn Falik's confusion and frustration with you.

With that being shared, there is still more! Finally, it's time for those super cool products! There is a place called Off Center Art Center here in the city of Melbourne where I live that features and sells the work of Local Artist. There are sculptures, paintings, boots, bullet necklaces, and earrings, all up for purchase. Here are a few pictures from their Website and Facebook Pages. Just remember that your frustration can be creative inspiration for someone else so keep sharing. To find out more information about Off Center Art Center call 321-610-7116.

Photo Credit: Off Center Art Center, Facebook