Getting the stats on what the quality of life is like for professionals like Plastic Surgeons, Cardiologist, Dermatologist, and many others is only one benefit in reading Practice Link Magazine.  It's a career advancement resource for Physicians; covering topics like what to look for in contracts, protecting and ensuring financial health, insurance matters (I'm a Licensed Health Agent in Florida), and information on who is recruiting Healthcare Workers throughout the country.  

Retirement issues are well in the mix of content too, intertwined with investing and saving.

  • Embracing frugality and dismissing the "doctor lifestyle" will help guarantee your financial and professional freedom

That quote is included in an article entitled "Forget the Joneses" written by Community Emergency Physician and fellow Blogger ( James M. Dayle. Forget the Joneses is a phrase that most of us have probably heard a few times in this lifetime. To avoid getting trapped in a keeping up with the Joneses cycle, do what I do.

  • I set goals and continue learning and growing (I recently became a Licensed Health Agent)
  • I remind myself of how far I have come since my green (naive) days (Look at all your accomplishments)
  • I  do not measure myself and the things I acquire against others (Self introspection is important)
  • I wish others well in their blessing and endeavors (Congratulate others and be happy for them because when you are envious it shows on your face when you visit others)
  • I don't expect others to let me take the lead. ( my accomplishments will open doors for me) and that could mean I have to follow until I learn. (Be humble)

Behaving in such a manner will help me show my compassion, serve various industries and clients, gain knowledge, and share the knowledge during face to face interactions and on Abornewords.

For those of you who are constantly learning and growing too or maybe seeking to inspire your loved ones to enjoy a better quality of life, you must read on. If you have thought about things like, starting your own business, saving for a down payment on a home, or going back to school, an Indiviual Development Account, may prove to be a helpful resource.

Remember frugality does not have to mean that you are always finding or choosing the least expensive item. It can mean that you find better and smarter ways to save money. For instance, an IDA (individual Development Account) can help those of us who are in lower tax brackets save more money with the help of an organization. More details are included in the video below.

Find out what organizations are sponsoring IDA Particpants in your area here.