What are our Disney Characters coming to? For Toddy Rockstarr, as he calls himself, they are coming to the dance floor and also showing up in creative courtroom style videos. Watch The Video. It seems a little cruel to see Disney Characters swearing and participating in questionable activities. Bad behavior might not look good on a Disney Princess but it could make them more seem more human. Todrick Hall may have tapped into that realness without even trying.

Right now, I'm remembering what my parents taught me, how I was raised. They didn't try to protect me from everything or make life seem pretty. There were strick rules, but they let me know that wrong wad out there, bad things. They talked about some of those things. Then, I had to make a choice about what I wanted to do. Now, when I see things in the gray area, I try to remain impartial.

Todrick Hall is brave for embracing who he is and using his creativity to express himself. The media started to watch Todrick Halls rise to fame, after he started creating minimusicals based on fairytales, using modern day music. His passion does not become controversial until his behavior, the behavior of the characters, or the language in the music goes from PG to Rated R. Parents should proceed with caution, like they do when talking about eels and caves (how babies are made), if children see these videos and start to ask questions.

Proceeding with caution does not mean sweeping reality under the rug or closing the door on certain information. Todrick Halls videos can serve as a beginning talking point for many topics, helping kids to understand about appropriate language and other touchy subjects. A lesson in the woes of a potty mouth full of swearing is a good place to start.

The only cautionary advice that I urge parents to remember is _______ don't let the soft nature of the characters makeup affect how you see right and wrong. Hold onto your values while sharing knowledge and information with your children. Talk about how they can retain useful information and discard the rest.

You can find out more about Todrick Hall and his Twerking In The Rain Here.