Political Science Professor Robert Kelly

Before telling you how you can ace your digital interview, I have to name drop a bit so that you will understand that all aspects, interactions and encounters experienced in life, can be useful if you know how to apply the information and make it relevant and relatable. I'm name dropping my former Political Science Professor, Mike Haridopolos. Before he served in the House of Representatives an eventually became a Senator, he was using his brilliance to inspire students at Eastern Florida State College (formerly BCC).  Just like Robert Kelly, he was a great Professor and he had a political voice that we all respected and valued.  My high marks in Political Science helped me to make the Deans List 2 of the 3 times I actually achieved the honor, as an Undergraduate Student and I am so grateful.  I am proud to say that Former Senator Mike Haridopolos, the guy with the fun name, was my Political Science Professor .  His delivery kept me engaged an interested way before he ever became a well known name here in Florida.

Another Political Science Professor who is pretty well known is Robert Kelly. A digital video he was creating where he was breaking down the deets (details) of the impeachment of South Korean President , Park Geun-hye for BBC went viral, after his children burst into the room. Watch how it all goes down below. When I saw this on Good Morning America, I was laughing out loud.

I recently took a Digital Interview and used the Hire Vue App, where I was asked a series of questions and my responses were timed. If you follow me on Facebook (Nicole Kim Phillips) and not my Nicole Kim The Blogger Page, you probably have already seen the short video announcement I made sharing this fact. Anyway, here are some tips that can help you to ace your Digital Interview and be prepared for the unexpected Courtesy of Hire Vue.

  • Conduct the interview in a quiet, distraction free area with good lighting
  • Remember you can practice as many times as you need to to feel comfortable
  • To prevent blurry or shaky recording, prop up your device on a steady surface
  • Keep your head and shoulders centered in the cameras view
  • Dress appropriately and try to make eye contact with your camera wherever possible
  • Be concise when answering questions.  Use only the time needed. 

If you watched my video on Facebook, you already know what my biggest regret was in creating a digital video. Conducting your interview in a well lit area will help, just remember to turn off your phone(s) so that it does not ring while you are capturing video. Practicing may seem like an opportunity to alleviate anxiety, but doing so could take away all the feeling associated with a real face to face interaction. What I considered is, face to face interactions will not be practiced and they just happen so I did not practice. All I did was share real information about interactions I had experienced in the workforce and how I contributed or handled the situation. You don't want the recruiter watching blurry or shaky video so a steady surface is necessary. Put your device at a level equal to your correct typing position when you are seated so that you do not cut your head out of the video. If you are using a phone to record, hold it at face level so that you capture only what is necessary, especially if you are using a homemade background. You should dress the same as you would if you are going on an interview and making eye contact says a lot about you and the information you are sharing. You need to be concise when answering the questions because the clock is ticking away and 2 minutes may seem like a long time until you start speaking. If you are taking a Digital Interview or if you plan to offer your prospective employees a chance to use them, HireVue is a great app to use. Remember, making digital videos can be just as powerful as face-to-face interactions, if you stage the seen properly and share your expertise and experience in the right manner. That's all. Kudos...