Protect Your Pet From Pest

We are suppose to choose pets because we want to offer our home as a safe and comfortable place for an animals to live and be happy. We also may want to teach our kids a few lessons about fear and responsibility too, so adding a pet to our home environment could be a win, win right?

Once we get a pet(s), sometimes our adoration can go a little to far. Check out this video of sme furry little kittens who are a purr----fect example of adoration taken to the point of angry cat.

Now sure I have heard of how the Thundershirt is suppose to help dogs and cats who suffer from anxiety. Some Veterinarians have been known to recommend them for animals who are suffering from anxiety or who seem overly active. Trying something like this may not be a bad idea in those cases.

It's just that dressing our pets up can also make them act out and feel uncomfortable too.

Do you think dressing pets in clothing is really taking adoration to far?

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