Okay we are well into November but we still will take time out to acknowledge that hard working New Orleans Artist who continue to make hit after hit on their quest to be in that number one spot. At Abornewords, it has been a pleasure and an ongoing mission for us to shine some light on the talented souls doing their thing in the Big Easy. New Orleans is really birthing real talent and we have to tell you about these NOLA Award Winners

Lady Dahlia and Tiffany Shante let it go all the way in this video and why not? Lady Dahlia took home a NOLA Award, winning Hottest Female Artist of The Year. One thing we do know is that she is not afraid to go hard or show off how raw and hood she can be. Even, though she cleans up well, the Rearview, brow queen is does not always try hard to be the prettiest girl in the room. Her plays for attention are actually less strategic, showing up knowing shes on point is all she does. Her self confidence is always obvious. Having that type of attitude will always help her to win. Careful though, her latest video will likely have you doing more than a two step or slow grind. Feel free to press play again.

Keedy Black is the next Artist that we will recognize and that fact that she took home the coveted Soulja Slim Award has everything to do with it. Who does not love some Soulja Slim? This female grinds hard traveling and hyping crowds, as she twerks her way into the hearts and minds of DJ's and fans who love the action offered by the club scene. The dancing her and her team does, must be helping to keep her fit because the chocolate diva has a pretty great looking body.

Last but not least in our Ladies Edition of NOLA Shout Outs, New Orleans Songstress, Iris P. The young diva is the busy bee of the bunch, having been featured on a countless number of Artist material, she still handles her stardom like a New Artist would but is more well known than many of you may think. Her new video for her song Smoke will have you mellowed out like BNicolDaReason's Zonin'.

Hottest Female Vocalist Of The Year

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