What an honor! Pharrell Williams is up for an Oscar. We get it, but Pharell has been flaming in the eyes of many Hip-Hop heads since he romanced us way back in the party with his red cup. You remember right?. If that's not enough to make you realize that Pharrell has had it going on for some time now, what about how he hooked fans with Kelis' humming bird, after he produced Mars and many other hits on her Kaleidoscope Album.

We experienced his out of this world sound when he laid vocals on his Happy song and released his 24 hour video. The multiple Magazine Covers he's graced lately include Complex, Details, and Fast Company. Pharrell performed on stage before the All Star Game in New Orleans and the applause just kept coming with every song. He has a massive catalog of hits!

By now, his Oscar Nomination for his Happy Song should be making more sense to you. Pharrell has be spotted wearing T-Shirts containing some of the characters from the Despicable Me 2 Movie that included his Happy Song. Parents you may want to include this one in your Family Movie line up.

Pharrell's Music is not all everyone is buzzing about either. The youthful looking Music Prince has been complimented time and time for maintaining his smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Are you ready to see Pharrell Williams represent at the Oscars on Sunday Evening and what doors do you think will open as a result of his nomination?
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