The MTV Music Awards will air on April 10th and I'm super excited about this event. What makes it dear to my heart is, we will have 2 times the Celebrity Power on stage this year in 2016. Our experience with the host will certainly be more entertaining and I'm hoping for great visual highlights on video. By the photo, you probably guessed that Kevin Hart & Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will host this fantastic event together.

Thanks to my Viacom My Voice Communty Member Status, I got a lead on this story and found it interesting. I mean, getting two huge Movie Stars together to do a gig like this is not easy. Yet, MTV pulled it off and I'm sure many fans of their work, feel as grateful as I do. Voting may be closed but MTV is proud that the winners are chosen by the people and for the people. Lol and that's why Straight Out Of Compton Creators and Actors are probably thrilled about being nominated for Movie Of The Year. The story of NWA's beginning, and ultimately the groups end, is told to perfection, including the untimely death of Easy E. The snubb they received from the Academy Awards, suddenly seems like a gross oversight.

Other nominees we are rooting for here at Abornewords are as follows:

Samuel L. Jackson (Best Villan) for his role in Kingsman

Melissa McCarthy (Best Comedic Performance) for her role in Spy.

Will Ferrell (Best Comedic Performance) for his role in Get Hard.

What Happened Miss Simone (Best Documentary) Despite the drama surrounding Zoe Salando landing the role and the black face controversy, we are still hoping for a win for all the creators involved in the project. That's all.