The Budgetnista may Tiffany Aliche may not be The ReFashionista but she is doing things to lift up women and help them live their best lives and be more financially sound. Her philosophy, motto or mission is "to create a positive and measurable lifestyle shift, through financial education" so that women can ultimately "Live Richer". Aliche is not the only positive Black Woman to look up to and be inspired by. The star studded Essence Black Women In Hollywood Awards honors Black Women making contributions to the Arts every year before the Academy Awards. This year the show will air on OWN on February 27th at 10pm EST.

Live Richer

With the recent #OscarSoWhite hashtag headlines and a move by Celebrity Families like The Smiths actually deciding to boycott the Oscars, giving Black Women a chance to shine and be recognized for their contributions in film and television, is just what is needed to pacify feelings of inadequacy that are often associated with being Black. Those feelings are not selective to gender and racial profiling is how men usually describe their experience. Racial Profiling is not the trigger causing African Americans/minorities to have negative feelings about their position in society. Oscars So White is proof, even Blacks who are considered successful still face status challenges because of race, money or not.

In the video Oprah shares the reason behind her desire to bring The Essence Black Women In Hollywood Award Show to viewers. Shondra Rhines, Zendaya, and Oprah herself will make appearances. The fierce Tracee Ellis Ross and Fame's Debbie Allen are among the awardees being honored. Don't have OWN programming either? Then, enjoy the video.