It's all over the news! Everyone seems to be buzzing about The Golden Globe Awards, from tv to newspapers, the winners have been revealed. Congratulations to them, but we want to put the spotlight on The Peoples Choice Awards so that we can celebrate one of Raps most talented Female Rappers, Queen Latifah. We are going to show you why she deserves recognition for taking home the award for Favorite New Talk Show Host, beating out 2nd time Talk Show Host Arsenio Hall and 3 other competitors.

Take a look at the video below. Then, we will tell you why we think it's so funny and also why Talk Show Host Wendy Williams may be calling Queen Latifah the B word.

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That's why we could not pass on this opportunity to share Queen Latifah's Rosetta Stone Skit. It is just pure genius. She made the idea of communication barriers seem funny by poking fun at modern day slang. 

Many parents and business professionals struggle with keeping the lines of communication open with youngsters. Personal relationships in the home often suffer and so do the relationships between brands and their customers, when communication breaks down.

Although Rosetta For Moms has not actually caught on as a translation resource, the Queens comedic portrayal on video has hopefully helped parents and others interacting in the business world, realize how important it is to be relatable.

Was this a way for Latifah to say that Wendy Williams is out of touch with younger generations? Does The Queens Hip-Hop background make her more relatable to the youth of today? We will let you tell us in the comment section.

Queen Latifah may be repeating these words to Wendy Williams____Who You Calling A  B****. Of course, all this is happening inside the head of Wendy Williams people. U.N.I.T.Y. LoL.


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