Adventurous Enough For Boys

"Being brave is about being true to yourself and allowing your loved ones the same freedom"___ Mark Andrews

The Golden Globes just gave the stars another platform to be acknowledged for their talents. Besides the comedy dished out by Tina Fey, a famous actress/comedian, who so creatively emulated Sara Palin during President Obamas first run for the White House, the highlight of the night was seeing Mark Andrew , Braves Director, holding the Golden Globe, after Brave beat out 5 other animated films. We give a big Abornewords Salute to Director Mark Andrews and also the Red Head Merida ( voice of Kelly MacDonald).

Brave provided viewers with the same type of playful, moralistic fun as the Ratatouille Movie did when it won the hearts of Animation lovers. It's the realistic, relatable message that makes movies like Brave so popular. Brave brings families together without letting the age barrier destroy the experience for older family members. From granny to grand kids, everyone can find enjoyment in it. Merida and her siblings will more than entertain kids while the surprise characters will give adults something to be in awe about. Brave will make Movie Night fun for the whole family. Expect a few laughs, suspense, and lots of adrenaline filled moments once the plot starts to unfold. Without giving to much away, the surprise characters will end up making you root for Merida's brave response. The Golden Globe Win proves that a Female Hero is anything but mundane.


Mark Andrews shares words of appreciation: "Holy cow......What an incredible company to be in, all the animated films this year, uh 2012 was an amazing year for animation".......

Kelly MacDonald lent her voice to the animated character Merida (the girl with the bow & arrow. It's just wonderful that adults get tp be apart of the fantsy world that animation and storytelling creates for young people and adults alike. It is nice to see the face behind the voice. Fact: Kyla Pratt is the voice of Penny Proud (a character starring in the Proud Family Movie).

Ratatouille is one of those movies that takes something that may be repulsive to some and creates a fairytale ending that warms your heart. Instead of a princess or a prince, you get a chef or do you? You'll have to watch to find out. By the end of the movie you get more than good food.