First, Pharrell gets an Oscars Nod, then he takes home awards for Video of The Year and Best Pop Artist, at the B.E.T. Awards Celebration.

Thank God for nights like this that are dedicated to shining light on the talents of others.

Pharrell stated that "Happy is the theme song to peoples lives"_____ opening the show with energetic dance moves and bright yellow sneakers was o\nly a small part of Pharrells Happy surprise on Sunday Night. The Come And Get It Artist gave us a mild version of his talk dirty to me, as h stunned, bringing out the very animated Rapper Missy Elliot, to perform along side of him.

Oh boy that was an unexpected extra and a real mothivational tease. Missy Eillot moved on stage with Pharrell showing off her lig work and familiar hat game. There goes the connection that seals the performance deal creatively, the hats!

Oh sure, we all expected Pharrell Williams to kill his set and we also enjoyed how his vocals reminded us of a Prince performance, sounding soft, serious, and passionately romantic. Yet, the real treat for your enjoyment for the very observant onlooker would be recognizing how they put together creative props in order to make a creative connection with fans and their own branding.

Their choice will likely get them more gigs and endorsements in the future. Pharrell is keeping this hat thing going and Missy has been on her hat grind for some time. Pharrell deserves all the attention he's getting for Happy.

After you check out the above video showing a little of his performance with Missy Elliott, we want you to listen to a song called Ten Feet Tall by AfroJack. Do you think this song is going to b e able to not only cross over culturally but stand up against Happy's popularity and become the new feel good inspiration for people everywhere? I have to be real with you. This is a song I really like and will eventually purchase. Though, I lift myself up all the time, there are a few people that make me feel this way all the time.  I hope you have someone in your life that confirms your worth.  It's a major his and very popular on our local radio station, Kiss95.1.